I sometimes refer clients to favorite articles of mine that might prove helpful in their writing. You will find all that content here. These tend to be the topics I most frequently run across. Please bear with me as I do my best to compile all of it here in an organized and sensible fashion. Happy creating!

Fantasy Map Making Photoshop Brushes (.zip file; 23 brushes of my design, large for flexibility and great print quality) I might make more in different styles as time goes on.

The brush set:


The technical stuff:

Punctuating Dialogue in Fiction – The Balance

Writing Character Thoughts in Fiction – The Editor’s Blog

Using Active Voice – Daily Writing Tips

Active Voice vs. Passive Voice – Grammar Girl

Using the en-dash, em-dash, hyphen, and ellipses in fiction – Jodie Renner Editing (ALL WRITERS READ THIS PLEASE AND THANK YOU.)

Writing Numbers in Fiction – The Editor’s Blog

Set Story into Motion: Use Meaningful Verbs – The Editor’s Blog

Emphasis in Writing (When Not to Use All-Caps) – Whimsically Read

Referring to character in-narrative by physical aspects, professions, or other general terms

Stick to Said and Using Dialogue Tags – Writer’s Digest – Read this, please, dear god

How to Balance Action, Dialogue, and Narrative – Writer’s Digest

Nine Easily Preventable Mistakes Writers Make with Dialogue – The Creative Penn

Dialogue — My Characters Talk Too Much! – The Editor’s Blog

Five Ways to Trim Your Book’s Word Count – Helping Writers Become Authors

How to Slash your Word Count by 20-40% – Jodie Renner Editing

Words and Phrases to Cut from Your Writing Right Now – Whimsically Read

The big picture stuff:

Show vs. Tell – (pdf) Fiction Writing 101 by R. Michael Burns

How to Write a Novel with Multiple Points of View – NY Book Editors

Third-Person Omniscient Point of View – Novel Writing Help

How to Build Tension and Heighten the Stakes – Writer’s Digest

Visceral Reactions: Emotional Pay Dirt or Fast-Track to Melodrama? – Helping Writers Become Authors

Six Common Writing Mistakes By First-Time Authors, and How to Fix Them! – Reedsy

Specific topics:

How to Write Sex Scenes in Fiction – The Editor’s Blog

Painfully Overused SpecFic Tropes – Gizmodo

Writing Race and POC characters correctly (the whole blog) – Writing With Color

Writing Pregnancy, Labor, and Childbirth in Your Fiction – Whimsically Read

How to Use Dialogue to Avoid Lengthy Info Dumps – (specifically featuring my FAVORITE work of fiction) Helping Writers Become Authors

Finessing the InfoDump –

How to Write Scene Transitions in Novels – The Editor’s Blog

Creating Villains – Whimsically Read

Writing Prophecies – Whimsically Read

Writing Medicine, Doctors, Injuries, Etc – ScriptMedic (her whole blog)


The Author’s Unofficial Guide to Critique Translation – Writer’s Relief

Self-Editing Basics: 10 Simple Ways to Edit Your Own Book – The Write Life

How To: Edit Your Editor’s Edits – Gemstone Author

Favorite generators:

World/Map Generator – donjon

Expansive SpecFic Generator – Seventh Sanctum

Deity Generator –