Creating Villains

blake-broacher asked:

How do I make a villain totally detestable and loathsome, I’ve no protagonist as the narrator is also a morally dark grey guy. Also all of my villains turn into anti heroes because of their grand ideas for the future bring a bit skewed in execution. Tips, ideas? Open for anything really.


First! As a quick note, when you use the word “protagonist,” you’re referring to your main character. It does not matter what their moral standing is, how they view themselves or how society views them. Your main character is your protagonist.

Tyler Durden is the chaotic evil protagonist of Fight Club, but that doesn’t make him a good guy. In fact, writing neutral or evil protagonists is pretty common and incredibly interesting!

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Creating Fictional Currency

Foundation of currency and its use

Money! My fictional world needs money!


No worries. If you’re writing a fictional country, nation, kingdom, or alliance that uses currency, then chances are you’re going to need to make one up. All you or your fictional country need to start a currency are three basic things:

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Controlling Biomes on your Planet

Anonymous asked:

Is it possible to have a planet without a certain kind of environment? Like a world without tundra or deserts?

In a word: Absolutely!

In many, many more words (and a picture):

You have several options here. The first and most obvious one is simply this: Do whatever the hell you want. If you want your world to have never seen snow, then go for it! No rainforests? Be my guest!

But since you’re asking about possibilities, I’m assuming you want something more scientific than that. And I’m always happy to oblige.

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So your fictional world needs its own language, huh?

I guess your first question should be: How much of a language do you need?

There are several levels of fictional language that you can utilize for your world. It really just depends on a.) how/how much you’ll use it b.) how important it is to the setting and story and c.) how much work you as a writer want to put into your world that most likely won’t make it into your novels.

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Creating Deities

yennlism asked:

Hi there, first off I love your blog!! Second, I have a question. I’m working on a fantasy story, where the zodiac signs and their elements (earth, fire, water, air) are connected. Like born in May, you get the element of Earth and control it. But I wanna add gods to each element. What is the best way to do so? Also I’m not sure how to make them part of my world and the daily life of my characters..

Hello there!

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Brainstorming Series: War & Conflict

Deepening Social and Political Conflict in your Fiction

In many speculative fiction works, war or civil unrest is common. Sometimes a given. And yet so often, these grand, world-shattering wars are shallow when looked at straight-on. If you think about the history of the conflict or the spark that sent the nations to war, you can come up kind of dry. A lot of readers are tired of “WAR” being the default backdrop of a story, especially when it’s used as a prop rather than handled with the care it should be.

So how do you make sure that your social and political conflicts don’t just provide a canvas to your story, but help deepen and strengthen the world and the characters therein? Simple! Just do a little thinking!

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Characters as World Building Tools

“DON’T INFO DUMP,” said every writing-advice-giver ever.

And that advice is so annoying, isn’t it? You’re going along, writing your first draft…or maybe you’re revising your old draft…whatever stage your in, if you’re trying to build a world in a well-paced, interesting story, then it can be difficult to find places for brief bouts of exposition and backstory.

It would be so much simpler to just have a paragraph or seven where you spout out all of the relative information in one go so you can get to the meat of the scene. Or maybe you could find a way to use your powerful brain waves to transfer all that information to your reader. Or…can information be absorbed intravenously?

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Brainstorming Series: Religion & Belief

Creating belief systems and religions in your fiction

Perhaps you need to flesh out an elaborate, convoluted system of religions and philosophies. Perhaps you just need a facade, with a few bits of detail to give it the feel of depth. The kind of belief system you write into your novel–or the presence of one at all–will rely heavily upon the scope of your book and the world it’s set in. So take these questions, prompts, thoughts, etc. and use them as you see fit. You might only want a handful of things, or you might find it beneficial to go through the whole list. It’s all about what you and your story need. 🙂

The First Big Questions

What are the belief bullet-points of your religion? The 5-6 most important things that sum up the belief system as a whole.
Those bullet-points might answer these questions:

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