Since I’ve begun freelancing, I’ve had opportunities to work with some amazing writers and visionaries. I want to brag on every single one of them, but here you can check them out for yourself.

Angelique Mercurio

This woman is so uplifting and positive. She was a delight to work
with and is passionate about sharing her love and optimism with everyone
she encounters.

Lauri M. Velotta-Rankin


Lauri wrote an amazingly powerful book about her and her husband’s journey to parenthood. I tensed and cried and cheered as I read her auto-biography, knowing how true and personal this story would ring for so many mothers and parents around the world.

The book isn’t yet available, but I can’t wait until it is so I can share it with you!

Grace Eboué

Grace runs a wonderfully thoughtful and inspiring blog. I am
so happy I get to help her perfect her English posts.

Kyla Ross

Kyla is a talented writer who gives me the creeps on
a regular basis. Her horror and suspense tales are enough
to make my wild imagination shudder and hide.
She has had flash fiction featured on the Thrills and Mysteries Podcast.
She also has a book on Amazon (though it was published before we were working together)!

Moore County News Press15800387_1411001232246086_3057658401531323856_o

I’ve had the chance to write a whole bunch of stories for our local paper. Small and
quaint, but full of integrity in a way most papers aren’t. It’s been an honor.

I only feature clients with their permission. If you have been a client of mine and would like your name listed here, please contact me so I can include you on this list!