About Me


This is me. Just a mom who loves coffee and helping others achieve their writing dreams while also fulfilling my own. I received my B.A. in Creative Writing from Texas Tech University some number of years ago. I’ve been freelancing as a writer, editor, and journalist since 2010. I write and dream and draw in my free time, squeezing in a little bit of gaming here and there. I live in Texas with my wonderful husband and our two kiddos.

Here on my blog, I’ll share writing advice, experience, prompts, struggles…as well as general life and parenting thoughts and maybe the occasional bit of fiction. I hope you find any or all of it useful as you set out to create written works of art.

You can see the successes of my wonderful clients here.

Follow me on Tumblr (personal). I also help run two writing advice tumblr blogs, Wondrous Worldbuilding and Radical Revision, or Twitter. Like me on Facebook. Check me out on Fiverr.

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