Creating Deities

yennlism asked:

Hi there, first off I love your blog!! Second, I have a question. I’m working on a fantasy story, where the zodiac signs and their elements (earth, fire, water, air) are connected. Like born in May, you get the element of Earth and control it. But I wanna add gods to each element. What is the best way to do so? Also I’m not sure how to make them part of my world and the daily life of my characters..

Hello there!

In case you haven’t seen it, I talk a bit about developing deities in my Belief Systems & Religions brainstorming post.

There is really no “best” way to do it. The best way is going to be subjective to your story and your world that you’ve already established. You can consider these additional things as you create them:

  • Read up on some other gods (Greek, Norse, etc) and get a sense of how such things were done historically. Then break out of that box and consider using the status of “god” to do something new with your characters. You have complete freedom in your own world to make these gods what you want/need.
  • What established their tie to the zodiac? An even higher deity? Or themselves? Or their own birth dates? Did they have a choice at all?
  • How long have they existed? If they’ve been around since long before anyone’s remembrance (or since before Time), then they will be just a fact of life. Their nature and involvement will heavily influence how people talk about them and how much influence the people let the gods have on their decisions and actions.
  • Are there shrines, temples, statues, monuments, etc. built to them?
  • Are there seas, land formations, cities, etc. named in their honor?
  • How are they tied to the elements they represent? Is the god of water made of water? Reside in the ocean? Or is her tie to her element a title, and little else?
  • Does each god’s element show through in their personality? In their relationship? (i.e. fire and water don’t get along) OR you can go in the opposite direction. The elements don’t effect them on a personal level and fire and water are BFFs and it’s a running joke. That kind of thing.

Ultimately, I can’t tell you what’s best because I don’t know your world and your story. Do some reading and then let that inspire your creations.

Happy writing!


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